Jumbo Joker Slots

Jokers tend to appear in small slot games – picture the original three-reel ones rather than the big five-reel offerings of today. So, is that what is in store for us here, we wonder? Let’s see if our prediction is correct as we review this game.

Developer information for Jumbo Joker

This is a Betsoft slot – not a name that is commonly associated with a small slot, so does that mean it is going to be big on features?

Why should you start with the demo?

There is one good reason for this – the game is different to anything else you’ve found in their collection before. Does that make it better? That’s up to you to decide, but if you try the game you can see what you think of it.

Revealing the theme

The joker is a traditional icon, much like lots of fruit symbols and some bells or the number seven. It turns out all those elements are rolled into this slot. They’ve done away with the old-time slot machine appearance though.

Design elements to look out for

If you like online slot machines to light up like the real thing, you’ll love Jumbo Joker. This means the game has an original look yet still manages to hark back to the early days of slot play.

Getting to grips with the basics of the Jumbo Joker slot game

This is a three-reel game but look closely and you’ll spot two different reel sets in action. You begin by spinning the reels at the foot of the gaming area. The top set is smaller, but you don’t start on this one.

There is just one special symbol to watch out for in this game. We guess you can figure out what this is – the jumbo joker himself, of course. He isn’t wild though – instead, he behaves as a jackpot icon.

Paylines involved in Jumbo Joker slots

The game uses five lines on each three-reel set.

Betting options

Starting from just one cent per line, you can use the controls to see how much you would like to play on each line of the game. The maximum is one dollar, but there are other options between the extremes. It is possible to wager a single coin per spin or to reach 10 coins per spin.

A paytable that lights up

Everything is kept on one screen in this game. This often happens with the smaller games, as not much room is required to bring everything into focus. However, you’ll see which prizes are relevant to you as they’ll be lit up when you have decided on your bet.

Bonus possibilities

There is one thing we should mention, and it involves the top reels. If you manage to net 20 or more credits on the lower reel set, you get the option to either claim those coins or risk them with a spin on the upper reel set. If you decide to do this, the applicable paytable is lit to show you what could be won. Remember though, you could lose whatever you’d won up to that point. You can only play up to 15 spins a time on the upper reels.

Free spins are not available

This game doesn’t use them.

RTP info for this slot game

Our research indicates that you can expect an RTP amount sitting at around 95%.

Our rating for Jumbo Joker

Since this is a basic game with a twist, it is worth a 7 out of 10 rating. We cannot rate it higher owing to the lack of special icons, free spins, or bonus elements.

How much could winners potentially get in prizes?

The paytables reveal the biggest single prize would be 2,000 credits. The exact amount won in that case would depend on the value of the wager.

Demo play is the best way to get underway

We guess you have figured this out, but it is worth remembering this. Jumbo Joker is either going to have bags of appeal for you or very little at all. Makes sense to see which category it falls into before playing, don’t you think?

Are you going to play Jumbo Joker for real?

You’ll find it at a selection of Betsoft online casinos if you are interested in giving it a try.

Mobile options for Jumbo Joker

The minimal selection of reels will give you a pleasant time if you decide to play this slot on a mobile screen instead of a computer. Betsoft has made it available across multiple platforms.