Happy New Year Slots

We’re all familiar with playing Christmas-themed slots, right? Well, Microgaming has decided to go one better and give you the chance to play a slot called Happy New Year instead. So, if you are eager to celebrate, this could be the way to make it happen.

This is based on the Chinese New Year, made obvious from the Chinese lettering included in the slot game. There are lanterns too, and what looks to be explosions. Shall we see what else we can find here?

Reels and lines

There are three reels here, but you will play on up to five lines rather than only one. This makes things more interesting to watch as you play.

Which coins can you play with?

One coin can be placed on each line. You can wager between $1 and $25 per coin, so this is a pricier game than many offered by this developer.

Happy New Year special icons

The most important symbol features four Chinese letters – presumably ones that say Happy New Year, although we cannot be certain. If these four letters appear on the reels, they will behave as a wild icon. One of these in a winning combination will secure 2x the usual prize. If you can find two as part of a prize, you will get 4x the usual amount.

Are there bonuses to be won?

No – this game sticks to a tried and tested format. However, you will get the chance to look for the jackpot – payable if you get three of those Chinese letters on the same payline. The prize will vary according to which line you played. Line one pays out 1,000 coins, while line five pays the most with 2,400 coins.

Download and play the Happy New Year slot today

This is a charming game – perhaps more colorful than you might expect. The black background for the reels means all the symbols show up beautifully. The lowest-valued prize is paid for a combination of three symbols, so check the paytable to find out more about this.

Happy New Year is suited to the Chinese New Year rather than January 1st. However, it is great to play all year round. Try it now at various online casinos and see what you think of this pleasing Microgaming slot. Will you win big on line five? That’s what we will all be aiming for.