5 Times Vegas Slots

Vegas is a great theme to use when you're creating a slot game. Not that you're going to develop a slot, of course, but you may want to play one that focuses on Las Vegas.

If so, we've got a great game for you here called 5 Times Vegas. Does it offer five times the amount of entertainment you'd get in another slot game? We are going to find out by breaking it down into different areas, so get ready to find out more here.

Developer details

It's hard to find this slot game online, but that's because it is available as part of the Bovada network. Bovada created it for their sites, so it is something of an exclusive.

Demo accessibility

You will only be able to try this game if you're a member of Bovada Casino. However, you don't need to have any cash in your account to get into the casino and try some games.

What's the theme?

It's Vegas, of course! We also get plenty of neon splashes throughout this game, offering you a nice bright title to check out.

Does the design get a good score from us?

This is an appealing game. Even though there are neon colors involved, it's not too glaring on the eyes. The reel set sits in the middle of the screen, with controls to the right and the paytable to the left.

What should you expect from 5 Times Vegas?

This is a three-reel slot, although it doesn't feel like it - it offers a 3 x 3 format to get you underway. There are some wilds in this game - yes, wilds rather than wild. These appear on the reels as multipliers. The game includes a x2, x3, and x5 multiplier to watch out for. There is no scatter though - mainly because there isn't much room for one.

What about the paylines?

There are three fixed lines in action in 5 Times Vegas. Small arrows at the sides of the two outer reels confirm that the lines go straight across in each case, each one sitting above the one below it.

Are you ready for some wagers?

If so, you can change your bet amount on the right of the reels. There are several available amounts to look at. Bear in mind that you must play all three lines. So, for example, if you decide to wager 10 cents on each line, that means you're betting 30 cents in total.

An easy access paytable

Yes, this is on the left of the reels. You'll see those multipliers sit at the top of the table. While they work as wilds, getting three identical multipliers on a payline means you get one of the biggest prizes of the game.

Any bonuses here?

Well, there is a type of bonus you can take advantage of if you get multiplier wilds in play. One on a line with two other matching symbols will multiply the usual prize by the amount shown on the wild. So, this would be x2, x3, or x5.

However, getting two multiplier wilds plus another icon will give you a bigger boost. If you get a x3 and a x5 for example, they work together to give you a x15 multiplier for the prize attached to the third symbol on that line. Nice!

Free spins? Not here

This is a three-reel slot with a few twists to it, but there are no freebies to collect along the way.

No clear RTP

We didn't find any firm details of this percentage. We'll let you know if that changes.

Our rating for 5 Times Vegas

There is nothing too earth shattering in this game, but it clearly uses the wild multipliers to elevate it to a level it wouldn't otherwise have reached. We think a score of 7/10 is good for this one.

The paytable reveals the winning potential

The top prize for receiving three x5 multipliers across a payline is a cool 1,000x your bet.

Play the demo to get a feel for the game

This is, as always, the best way for you to begin playing any slot game. That goes for 5 Times Vegas, too.

Play for real at Bovada today

If you're already a member of Bovada, you can easily log in and find the game among their collection. If not, think about signing up so you can check it out in more detail.

Mobile play is also available

Yes, you don't need to sit at your computer to play 5 Times Vegas. You can also play on smartphones and tablets on the Android or iOS platforms.