Slots Games on Social Networks

Now some would say that online slot games are a very solemn experience. Players spin the digital reels with their own fingers, they fill the coffers with their own money, and if they win the money is deposited within their own accounts. There is little room for the commodities of chat rooms or other social blocks within the tight knit confines of some of today's greatest new slot games. However, with the uprising of social networks across the internet slot games are being taken on in new creative ways. While gambling across social networks is illegal in most jurisdictions, social networks like Facebook and Google+ have discovered alluring ways to award gifts and new innovations to keep players safe and spinning throughout the night.

Credits and Tokens

Whether you like to believe it or not, the borders of old are becoming replaced by a global culture dictated by the freedom of the internet. No longer are businesses forced to stay within their localities and their messages locked between the slow 'word of mouth' phase of promotion. With this global presence, players from around the world may indulge in games from any corner of the planet. This makes online gambling an issue as a solemn one universal standard for play. This in itself is the reason why players find virtual casinos aligned to either European players, United States players, and even global players. With each locale still restricted by their corresponding jurisdiction, a standard form of online gambling is difficult even more so on a global social network. There are solutions to this issue however, and some players will be delighted. Many social network slot games offer players tokens in place of real world money that in itself may win special prizes and achievements. Facebook slot games utilize the special 'Facebook Credits' currency to avoid the hassles of real world money transfer.


Without the risk of real world money being utilized for bets, the same thrilling experience is still ever present, but is now surrounded by a cushion of comfort and ease. No longer will you have to worry about strange cashiers or difficult payment methods. Without the need of money, the ability to game with simplicity becomes overly apparent.

Slotting Socially

Slot games have invaded the social network sphere and are available in all shapes and sizes thanks to an assortment of talented developers. Lucky Slots boasts over 4.5 million players and offers a powerful gaming experience complete with a variety of bet options and great complimentary game types. Super Slot Machines offers a more competitive game play by harnessing the joy of a leader board so friends can easily compete! Hundreds of other slot games are available across the majority of social networks, but more importantly Faccebook and Google+

Slotting it Up

Slot Machines are not new or exclusive to this era. This game has been around for nearly a century catering a fun and addicting experience to its users. Now entering into a new epoch of its own life, players can feel at ease gaming on social networks for the thrills of fun and leisure.