Provably Fair Casinos

Provably Fair rules are far more than just words. Words mean nothing without action. The "action" is actually right here with Casinos adopting this tried and trusted system of play. Based on Bitcoin , Provably Fair is a secure, private and tested method to ensure Fair Play rules are being followed. This innovative, new system makes it impossible for a player or casino to cheat. It adopts systems to ensure complete security and fairness on both sides.

Any suspicion of unethical behaviour or unfair practices will be rooted out and disqualified from the game. By using a Bitcoin cryptographic function results can be proved to be fair and not manipulated in any way. Up to this point in time it was impossible to prove land based casinos and even more so with online casinos. That is why this system is so groundbreaking and essential to your peace of mind when wagering with any casino. Thus, this Bitcoin technology is unique as well as essential making it a more reliable and trustworthy form of gambling.

The main difference is that if the Casino accepts Bitcoin, they can and will be tested for fairness.

If you compare a casino that does not accept Bitcoin, the technology they employ involves being tested by third parties by running random tests on the casinos random generator number in order to ascertain the potential outcomes of that casino's random results. If the results are 100% random, then the Casino passes the test. With Provably Fair, Bitcoin based systems, testing is more rigorous and accurate. Since most Bitcoin casinos lease games through a software company, they ensure that these games are 100% fair and pay out accordingly. Casino accepts Bitcoin
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So what exactly is Probably Fair Play?

A quick search online or using a dictionary points towards these meanings: Provably Fair means exactly what is says, that the fairness can be proved. Furthermore, the shuffle and randomness of the playing cards are exactly that; random. Finally, you know the rules, payouts and odds clearly. This is attained using a string of numbers (hash) to ensure the Casino is dealing a fair hand and game. The same hash is kept by the player in order to compare the two if necessary. The software records the results but keeps them secret until called upon for proof of Fair Play. They remain totally secret but recorded as evidence. A hash function is created using an extremely strong and unbreakable algorithm.

Basically, Provably Fair means you are able to independently and immediately verify the authenticity of any card shuffle. Verifiable proof is now available directly to players. This is really seminal as it has the potential to be a game changer in the real sense of the words. It will become essential to adopts Provably Fair systems of play in order to remain competitive in the field of iGaming and online casinos. All players should welcome this development with open arms. It is a real game changer.