Playtech Casino Games

Playtech Casino s another respectable industry stalwart when it comes to casino games, and possess many of the top featured video slots in their library. Their sheer volume of Playtech Casino's library has contributed to their status as the first line to all challengers to the online casino branding throne, particularly with their famed iPoker Network that has been going strong for almost a decade now.

the iPoker Revolution

There aren't too many online casinos out there respected by Google Search for the number of visitors they get each and every day; Playtech's eight-year old iPoker network just happens to be one of the ones that does. With tournaments, vivid card rooms and promotions for beginner and seasoned veteran alike, iPoker always emerges from the dust as the last one standing when gamers are forced to choose between gaming spots. At any moment, you can find thousands of players logged on to play quick and exhilarating rounds of games like Hold 'em, offerings, Centrebet Poker games, and any other table game from their many affiliates running the Playtech software.

Playtech makes sure you have a little help when you stop by: their promotions are downright attractive; to say the least. There's the so-called iPOPS III Online, which is a huge, all-encompassing tournament that holds a final jackpot prize of the stuff of dreams - one million dollars! It doesn't stop there, either; the golden Handshake promotion can net you a cool $50 after you've played a certain number of hands at the Playtech tables - so get busy playing and winning! Besides, you never know what new promotions they may whip up from time to time. Reputable Playtech Casinos:

Graphics and Games - Playtech is at the Top

One look at both the iPoker and direct Playtech websites lets you know they don't shy away from graphical design. It translates into their software, as well; they are renowned for both lifelike quality and cinematic appeal in many of their video slots. You can choose the Instant Play Flash games that don't require a financial commitment, or really throw yourself into competition and fun by choosing to download now (they're also available just for fun) incredible games like:

Video Slots:

  • Blade - If you remember the blockbuster movie with action star Wesley Snipes; then you already know what this 5 reel, 20 payline video slot is all about. A dark theme with vampires and master martial artists, this game has a Blade-logo Scatter that engineers payouts in 6's (6, 66, or 666). Cool.
  • Captain's Treasure - a 5 reel, 9 payline cash slot with a progressive jackpot and right-to-left as well as left-to-right pay directions for wins.
  • Daredevil - straight out of Stan Lee's masterpiece comic book fief-dom, Marvels Daredevil makes it to the casino slot cache in the form of a 5 reel, 20 payline Playtech creation that also features a progressive jackpot. Just wait until you find out what the Bullseye Feature has in store for you.
  • Desert Treasure and sequel - a 5 reel, 20 payline standard video slot that whisks you away to the scorching deserts of the magical land of Arabia. With scorpions, camels, beautiful princesses and thug sandmen, the story is just as good as the gameplay in this cash slot.
  • Fantastic Four - yet another video cash slot with the Marvel Comics theme.
  • Easter Surprise - A brightly-lit and colorful 20 payline game. Especially attractive to deep pockets because of the whopping $200 bet per spin available.
  • Thrill Seekers - this is a big one. Boasting (unabashedly) an incredible 50 paylines and 5 reels, this video cash slot bombards you with cartoon colors and objects on your way to the generous Dollar Bill progressive jackpot.
  • World Football Stars - Scatters, Wilds, Bonuses, a Free Game feature and more, this sports fan's paradise is Playtech's ode to the International version of football. Choose from many countries.
  • Wild Spirit - a $25,000 jackpot would probably release anyone's wild spirit. Besides that, you'll enjoy this free-spirited, natural wilderness-type adventure slot.
  • Santa Surprise - Just in time for Christmas 2012! A great video cash slot game that is fairly self-explanatory.
  • Pink Panther - with free bonus money and a very simple, crisply-rendered interface, this interactive video cash slot brings back all those childhood memories of the feline detective.

Playtech Table Games:

  • Blackjack Switch - play a novel, recently invented version of blackjack; using two dealt hands instead of one and switching them up. Sound different? Check it out for full details.
  • American and European roulette - play this three hundred years old French invention; the American version is twice as hard to win at though…
  • Craps (of course!) - a dice game probably as old as dice themselves.
  • 21 Duel Blackjack - Playtech's very own version of blackjack. Uses a hand ranking platform for the card values.
  • Stravaganza - a fun and addicting Playtech exclusive card game. Beware the house edge though…
  • Wild Viking - a roulette based card game, of all things.

Playtech Parlour Games:

  • Around the World - the legendary drinking game involving cards. Of course, in this one, you'll likely be drinking alone in the comfort of your own home.
  • Derby Day Horse Racing - going to the track has never been so easy…and fast. Experience Playtech's new much-ballyhooed generation software with this horse betting video game right from your computer.
  • Jackpot Darts - the Playtech train just doesn't stop, as you are well aware. Jackpot Darts is just as much fun - but much, much safer, than the real thing.
  • Keno - the old bingo/lottery game.
  • Spin and Win - another cool Playtech creation; US players play free at most casinos.
  • Mahjong varieties - the Chinese strategy and memory masterpiece. Many different spins on this one.
  • Penalty Shootout - like Around the World, another soccer arcade game. More of a first-person shooter aspect in this one, though.

These are just a fraction of the games that Playtech has to offer. When you consider that you are often armed with bonus packages and some promotion plan or other to bolster your winnings, it's hard to understand why everyone who calls himself/herself an online casino gamer hasn't headed on over to their slots paradise. The wagering requirement is so low anyone can buy in and start winning cash and prizes; the reload bonuses that await you are considerable, to say the least.

Unfortunately, Playtech hasn't been able to accept US Players for the time being - they used to in 2006 but some silly law or other has put that temporarily on hold. All other players are welcome, though, and Playtech has ways to keep you coming back for more.