Online Gambling and Betting Bred More Cash than Hollywood

While Hollywood movies grossed just under $26 billion worldwide in 2011, the South American online gambling and betting market by itself generated over $124 billion in revenue that same year. For those who like to be in the know Global Information Inc is making their new market research reports about gaming and gambling available.

Global Bans

Online gambling is a highly synchronized industry. Almost all of the activity in the USA and Latin America is banned completely. Only Argentina and Chile fully allow online gambling and betting. The bans in the US have prompted the growth of offshore sites. The figures indicate that the numbers of US online gamblers remains in single digits but nearly half play the lottery. Canada has become more lenient in an attempt to generate higher tax incomes and in South America the numbers steadily increase. But, in Europe is where this is most popular generating more than 100 billion EUR in gross revenue.

Online Poker Websites

The new research for 2012 indicates that more online gambling operators are using social media to expand their reach. PokerStars, the worldwide leading online poker website is booming and sites like PartyPoker, iPoker, and Ongame are hot on their tails. In fact, there is a buyout in the works to sell Ongame to social gaming giant Zynga. , which would really up the ante.