Slot Hunter Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes

With a tiny logo taking up very little room at the top of the website, we can guess there are lots of games taking over the biggest portion of that page at Slot Hunter Casino. They’re clearly keen to make sure we know they can live up to the Slot Hunter part of the name. We’ll let you know about one of many slots on offer there shortly, but before that, we have a few facts and features to share with you.

Count the number of software developers involved

We know that most developers have slots in huge quantities – far more than any other game type they might create. So, with a casino called Slot Hunter, you hope to see lots of game developers in action as well. And we do, with lots of big games from big names, including Betsoft, Play’n Go, NetEnt, and many more. This is promising if you want to find lots of game variety.

The first promotion arrives on the homepage

Or does it? The deal offers up to €300 to new players, along with an impressive set of 200 free spins. However, this doesn’t mention a no deposit bonus, so it might be better to look around for one of those before you do anything else. Don’t join Slot Hunter Casino until you have checked below for this bonus. We sometimes find deals when other slots fail to manage it.

Featured slot game: Fire Hopper

There are few slots that reveal little about their promise from the title, but we think we can count this one among them. What does Fire Hopper mean? It turns out the hopper part is more intriguing, as we are faced with a 7 x 7 grid of lily pads on a pond. It looks awesome, and with fireflies involved along with some frogs, it doesn’t disappoint on the other part of the title either.