Max Casino Carson City

Max Casino in Carson City is a cool local casino with a good selection of games to choose from, excellent entertainment options, plenty of good food and some cool experiences to enjoy. Whether you like slots, video poker, bingo, or you’re just coming for the other entertainment options, there is a lot to enjoy here. Get to the casino as soon as possible and you could be one of the lucky guests that gets to win big inside the cash wind tunnel.

Excellent Selection of Games

Let’s be honest, no matter what brings you to the local casino the thing you are most interested in is the games that are on offer. That’s why it’s so exciting to see a good selection of games at Max Casino. You can pick from a good range of slot and video poker offerings that will give you plenty to look forward to while visiting the location. There are ample chances to win money while playing there, and you’ll love all the cool themed games that you have to try out.

Exciting Bingo Tournaments

There are regular bingo tournaments going on at this casino that you can take part in for larger prizes and a relaxing gambling experience that’s different than the slots and video poker that most people play. If you’re looking for a different experience, get in on the large bingo games that offer prizes in excess of $2,500. There’s nothing like the rush of bingo for big prizes and you’ll soon find that this simple game is more fun than you first though.

Get in on the Cash Tunnel

Every Thursday there is a special cash tunnel event. A few lucky people get to brave the cash tunnel where they’ll have a chance to grab at more than $5,000 worth of cash that’s flying around. Get your hands on as much as possible and you can bring the cash home. It’s a very exciting experience and something that everyone should try to be involved in at least once.

Entertainment and Dining Opportunities

Max Casino in Carson City has an excellent dining establishment at Black Bear Diner where you can enjoy most types of cuisine when you grow tired of gambling or you decide that it’s time for a break. There is also regular performances at this casino, giving you additional reasons to stop by to on top of wanting to get to gambling. You’ll see musical performances and more scheduled for this venue, and that’s pretty exciting.