JumioWhen it comes to submitting documents and payment methods to a casino, some people worry about the security of their private information. Jumio provides a new way to safely pay through your computer or smartphone. The system works in two ways: Netswipe and Netverify. Both ensure that the person paying is the true owner of the account and also verifies their identity without the need to fax or email important documents. It simplifies payment transactions and paperwork submission without sacrificing security.

Verifying a Customer's Identity

Netswipe is a safe, innovative way for customers to make payments. Customers use their smartphone or computer into a credit card scanner. The scan takes no more than five seconds to complete and then security keeps that information safe as it is sent to the company who receives an actual scan of the front and back of the card. The entire process takes place through the smartphone or computer camera, so there is no need for additional hardware. Jumio uses 256 bit encryption and monitor the system 24/7 to prevent fraud.

Making Credit Card Transactions Quick and Safe

When playing at a casino, the casino needs verification of age. This is often done by faxing or emailing a copy of a photo ID and required credit card paperwork that includes a scan of the front and back of a credit card With Netverify, Jumio uses Jumio Face Match technology and PCI Level 1 security compliance measures to keep your information safe and verify your identity. Sending this information through Netverify takes takes less than a minute and makes sure that all of the required paperwork is in order and not sitting in an office where anyone can see it. It protects a casino against chargebacks and fraudulent use and ensures the customer is playing and able to withdraw winnings in a matter of hours or days rather than weeks or months.

Jumio's Netswipe and Netverify work with almost every web browser and iOS and Android Devices.

Casinos that Use Jumio

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