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There's a lot of online casinos out there, with new ones cropping up here, there, and everywhere. Competition is fierce and casinos are offering more and more enticing signing up bonuses, special offers and promotions, Live Casino games, mobile platforms and more, the focus is now on speed of withdrawals, and to a lesser extent, deposits.

Definition of Withdrawal

The dictionary lists several meanings for the English word; withdraw. In our context, it means getting money passed on to you from the online casinos where you wager. Money that you have already won and is already yours. Presumably, you would have already deposited money at the casino. This means you would have set up a depositing system. It could have been from a number of service providers such as Visa or MasterCard or a number of other reliable providers.

Payment Systems

There have been big changes in the way players pay into and cash out from a casino. Waiting a week or so to withdraw your hard earned, fiercely fought for winnings is not on. Players deposit fast, there are many security checks and tests whilst signing up with a casino, the question begs; why take so long to pay out to players?

A 'New' Marketing Tool

This touchy subject is becoming a new marketing tool for casinos. The quicker players are able to withdraw their cash, the better. Players will be attracted to casinos which promise to pay out in a timely manner, and stick to their promise. Players need fast and timely withdrawals and this will encourage trust and loyalty. From a player's point of view, it is essential to check the small print and find out right at the outset, just how long withdrawals will take. This should be a major deciding factor when players choose the wager their hard earned cash at a casino. It should be 'give and take'.

What to look out for in an online casino

There's lots of glitz surrounding online casinos. Bonuses and promotions do have their place, as they add value to the gaming experience. Solid banking options are a must too, and more and more online casinos are taking privacy and security issues more seriously. 128 bit SSL encryption is becoming more commonplace. Certificates for fairness from independent companies such as eCogra are another thing to look out for. But at the end of the day, they are all secondary to accessing your cash quickly. There's nothing more frustrating than not being able to withdraw your winnings quickly.

Eliminating the headache

It is quite a big job checking out the fine print and terms of use at online casinos. It would be most useful to have a short list of such online casinos, the ones who pay out without undue delay. A reputation can be built up on this point alone! Even better, some casinos even offer instant access to your winnings, which can be claimed with a single click and transferred to your account using a banking method chosen by you. There may be delays in clearing the funds depending on your service provider, but the casino will not delay in paying you your winnings. This is the point. A powerful marketing tool in itself.

Like finding needles in the haystacks

That's what it's like trying to find an online casino with speedy payouts. It takes skill and patience to read the small print, but it must be done. For your sake; if you don't want to wait to cash out your winnings. It may be beneficial to spend more time at the outset, while signing in, to set up ultra secure payment systems so that you can claim a fast withdrawal from your casino. I am sure that many players will not even cash out all their winnings at once. They may very well leave them deposited at the casino in order to wager another day. Having that peace of mind that you 'can' withdraw is sometimes enough! Next time you check out a new casino to wager at, don't just look at the game selection. Hunt for the small print, and make sure the withdrawal conditions suit you as much as they suit the casino. Don't let them hold onto your cash while you sweat and wait for what is rightfully yours. Put your foot down, choose wisely.

Fast Withdrawals Casinos

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