Earn Huge Payouts as Fish Attend School in Shark School Slots

Why play slots that have three rows when you can play with four and have more ways to win! Shark School slots defies the norm by using a five by four grid filled with shark symbols. That extra row makes winning easier than ever before thanks to the 50 paylines. Plus, the 3D slot game comes from Real Time Gaming, so you know the payouts and bonus features are going to add to the fun.

Symbols Take You Under the Sea

Symbols in Shark School slots range from 3D poker symbols (9 to A) and then a myriad of sharks and fish. These symbols include magnificent creatures like the hammerhead and the Great White. With a top prize of 39,000 times your bet, the money you stand to win reels you in for hours. Every symbol adds to the game with bright colors and quirky visuals that truly do capture these sharks in their “school.”

Like any school, Shark School has a teacher who is there to impart knowledge in the students. In this case, this teacher is a wild and helps you win even more cash by replacing symbols to create winning lines. That's not all he's good for. The teacher forms groups on the reels, leading to the potential to fill entire rows and reels with wild symbols.

Bonus Features With the School Scatter

The school scatter symbol leads to one of three bonus features that players choose by picking a school.

The first is the Bad Sharky game. During this bonus game, you receive up to 10 free spins. There's a shark on the third reel who is ready to eat any fish that comes his way. Any fish that do get eaten turn into that shark symbol.

The second is the Don't Eat the Teacher bonus. During this bonus, you earn a free spin and a 2x multiplier. The shark on the fifth reel is trying to eat the teacher on the first row. The only way he'll be successful is if the pair are joined by a winning payline Each time the teacher survives, Shark School slots increases the multiplier by one and also gives you another free spin. The bonus game continues until you've had 25 free spins or the teacher is eaten.

Finally, Swim Fish, Swim is another bonus game involving free spins. There's a fish on the third reel who is trying to stay ahead of the shark. With each spin, the shark has the potential to move up a symbol, as does the fish. The longer the fish stays alive, the more you win. If the shark catches the fish, the game ends. There's a to prize of 200 times your bet and up to 25 free spins in this bonus game.