YouWager Casino

YouWager is a well-known online sportsbook that promises a good selection of sporting events and wagering features to interested gamblers. The site is smooth looking and designed to draw in as many new players as possible, but is it worth actually playing at? That’s what we’re interested in finding out, and that’s why we took the time to write up a full review of the sportsbook here.

Excellent Promotions

At YouWager there’s a powerful 100% sign up match bonus worth up to $500 in free cash just for joining the sportsbook. Sign up, complete the first deposit and enjoy all the added money that will become available after making enough wagers with the site. It’s an easy way to expand your wallet and to be able to continue wagering long after your original funds dry up. There’s also a Bad Beat bonus program that will reward you with a portion of your money back after losing a particularly bad wager encouraging you to go big while wagering on your favorite events.

Live Betting Fun

Take your sporting event experience to the next level with exciting live betting options from YouWager. This online sportsbook makes it easy to place wagers on the next few plays of the event that you’re watching. Whether you have a hunch about who’s going to score next, about who is going to commit a penalty next or what the score is going to be by halftime, you can place wagers on those things and get involved with your event like never before. The platform offers smooth mobile wagering and will make it easy for you to bet on the events that you are interested the most in a more thrilling way than ever before.

Ample Payment Methods

Most of the common payment methods are covered by YouWager, making it easy to get started with this online sportsbook. Players that want to use a standard bank account can transfer using a money transfer or a bank wire, or they can use an attached Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card. Players are also free to make use of Bitcoin or Altcoins to complete deposits and withdrawals into the sportsbook. Gift cards and prepaid cards are another available option that many new gamblers use at the sportsbook to get started.

Free Withdrawals

It’s common for sportsbooks to make it easy to fund your account without paying anything in terms of fees, but it’s much less common for free withdrawals to exist. YouWager offers a few different ways that players can withdraw their winnings for absolutely nothing though, which means that you can enjoy all the spoils of victory without having to worry about giving some of it up to the site. The first and easiest way is to use Bitcoin for withdrawals. The second way is to use your loyalty points to cover any fees associated with a withdrawal. You can also qualify for a free withdrawal if you play regularly for four weeks in a row. Do that and a free withdrawal is all yours.

Custom Propositions

One very cool feature that YouWager offers is the ability for players to form their own propositions and wager on them. The special prop builder program makes it possible to think up all sorts of unique propositions and even compare two sports to one another. The best part is that the first custom prop you make will be completely refunded to you if you lose, so there’s really nothing to lose when testing out this cool feature.

Event Selection

At YouWager it’s possible to wager on most of the different sporting events available today without issue. The site covers golf, American Football, Football, boxing, tennis, eSports, baseball, basketball, Hockey, MMA and Tennis. It offers sports fans with plenty of options to choose from and makes it easy to place wagers on your favorite sporting events. Of course, not every sporting event is covered, but it’s easier than ever to find the events that you are interested in when playing at this site.

Mobile Support

The best sportsbooks are prioritizing mobile performance these days because it’s highly desirable to be able to place wagers from a mobile device. This is simple to do when playing at YouWager, making it a very enjoyable sportsbook to play at. Laying down a wager on an upcoming event has never been easier from a smartphone or tablet, and you can even place live bets on events as they are happening while sitting in a sports bar or at a buddy’s house with this tool.

Gamblers looking to start placing sports bets should take a good look at YouWager. It’s a top-rated online sportsbook for a reason and it’s worth looking into.