Super Book Casino

Some casinos impress more than others. When you first land on the Super Book home page, you will find yourself looking at sports galore. If that's your thing, you're in the right place. If you'd rather dive into some casino action, just click on the casino link at the top of the site. You'll be there just as soon as you do so. We do like a fast-loading site!

The casino menu is then displayed on the left, so you can check out what is on offer at Super Book Casino. We should say it lives up to its 'super' tag.

Watch out for the 30% casino reload bonus

This isn't a one-off deal either - this is a weekly deal offered on all deposits for Super Book Casino. It could be just what you are looking for to get started.

What will you find in the casino menu?

That's a great question, and we've got an equally great answer. The menu begins with some featured games, appearing to the right of the menu once that option is selected. You can also click on the down arrow next to that option in the menu to see all the games there.

Elsewhere in the menu, you can find jackpot games, slots, scratch cards, keno, lotto… you can be sure your favorite casino game is sure to be there. At the foot of the menu are two great options as well - the A to Z list of games and a play for fun section.

Explore the play for fun lobby to find out more

Some people only ever want to play for fun. If you are among them, you can be sure of doing so at Super Book Casino. You will still need to be a member, although you can sign up for a free account with no need to make any deposits. Once you're in, you can select any game in the play for fun section and go from there.

What about the jackpot games? What's on offer?

One of the things we like most about this page is that most of the titles reveal the latest jackpot amount under the game title. This doesn't apply in all cases, but you can often see the rising jackpot updating as you look through the games. Could there be a chance to play one of them if you join Super Book Casino today?