Sloto Legends Casino

Sloto Legends Casino sets up the promise that this might be a legendary casino to visit. There is plenty to take in upon arrival, and the colors used help you move around to various parts of the site. We are going to take you through those areas now as well, giving you more ways to find out whether Sloto Legends will indeed prove to be a legendary casino for you.

Which software developer adds their games to the site?

A quick look around the homepage reveals the answer, leading us to RTG as the game developer in action there.

Check the game categories to the left of the landing page

Yes, you don’t need to travel far to find the games at this casino. Sloto Legends has listed the usual ones on the left of the page, offering the newest games as the default area to explore. When you choose to view a game, you can wait for just a second or two until you go through to the webplay casino. In this case, all the categories are still on the left of the page, albeit in an altered design.

Look for the yellow button to join the casino

This is over to the right of the page, but you can also find the red invitation button in the center of the page.

What about signup restrictions?

We normally look at the terms and conditions for a casino to determine whether there are any such limits in force. In this case, though, we could find no Ts and Cs. The casino does have a message at the bottom of the page, however, confirming that the site only offers demo games and does not offer real money gambling. This means you only have practice slots and casino games to try there, so we guess anyone can try those.

Games for all to try

Yes, it looks that way, and with the usual categories on offer, there are multiple opportunities for you to find lots of games from RTG that you can check out in demo mode. This is one of the best features of Sloto Legends Casino, for sure.

Slots both old and new…

Expect all the slots in the RTG collection, no matter whether they’re old or brand new. With lots of them to experiment with, and no need to worry about any real wagers, you can easily play however many titles you wish at Sloto Legends.

So, it’s just free games there then?

Yes, that is the idea. Only the free games and no others.

No chance of playing any paid games

Not at Sloto Legends – this is more a practice arena for you to try all the slots you can handle from Realtime Gaming.

Their new slot games do appear on the site

And they’re easy to find as well, since they all have a NEW sign in red with white writing on it. The landing page offers access to the new slots and games, although you will need to look for the NEW label once you’re inside the webplay casino.

Are there any promotions you can claim?

No, not at this casino, and the reason for that is just because they do not have any paid play to dive into.

You shouldn’t expect any Sloto Legends tournaments either

There is no reason for a tournament if you’re not playing for real, right?

Virtual winners might appear though

Anything ‘won’ during gameplay is only going to be in demo funds or credits. There is nothing you can withdraw at any time. However, you can look for recent winners of the demo games at the bottom of the page in the webplay casino.

Rewards won’t appear anywhere either

The casino has no need of these since they’re only connected with real play casinos.

Accessing the casino on other platforms

You can visit on mobile devices such as those running on Android or iOS with no issues. Computers are fine too, with no apps or downloads required.

You won’t be able to play without registration

You do need an account to play at Sloto Legends Casino. Enter a username and password and you’re almost there, so it doesn’t take long to set up.

Instant play at Sloto Legends

This is a simple casino to use, and the webplay approach is certainly better to use than any other, we think.

No affiliate details needed

There are no paying players at the casino, so there’s no need for affiliate info either.

No sporting action at Sloto Legends

Other than a handful of slots based around sports, you won’t find anything on a sporting theme at the casino.

Blog/forum features are absent too

There’s a lot missing from this casino, but if you’re happy to simply play RTG casino games in demo mode, you’re going to find everything you need to keep things simple.

Live dealer games don’t feature, obviously

These are only ever playable with real wagers, so there is no place for them at Sloto Legends Casino.

No deposits to worry about

We’ve found a few casinos that don’t have a banking page, but this is one of the only ones that has no need for one to start with!

Making a withdrawal isn’t something you’ll do either

Enough said on that topic.

Bitcoin won’t feature anywhere

Sloto Legends Casino doesn’t clutter the pages with any unnecessary info, so there are lots of reasons why you should focus on the casino if you just want demo casino games to play.

You shouldn’t need any help to use the casino

We failed to find any help pages or features, but honestly, everything is self-

explanatory anyway. And our review should give you all the information you need to use Sloto Legends Casino.