Jesters Win Casino

Lots of online casinos are vying for your attention, no doubt. However, we think Jesters Win Casino might soon lead the pack. This offers a different view on the casino experience, and it is one we think you will come to love. Find out why in our review below.

US-based players can start playing with $50 free

Only American players can sign up to use Jesters Win Casino. With that said, they must also be residents of the qualifying states listed in the FAQ on the Jesters Win website. This only takes a moment to check.

If you qualify to join, type in 50FREE when you sign up. This will bring you $50 free of charge to use when you want to start playing their slot games. No strings, and no deposit needed either.

Can you play just for fun?

You can, and if you have Flash enabled to work on the site you won’t even need an account. This means players from elsewhere can also use Jesters Win Casino… although they cannot claim the $50 nor sign up for an account. It’s still nice to know you can play some fun games though.

Watch out for the jackpot games

There are lots of these on the site and they are easy to find as well. Watch for the jackpot logo on the title image. This is shown with three gems of different colors. While you cannot usually see the current jackpot amount, it does tell you the game has one. Buffalo Run and Black Pearl are just two of the titles you could try.

Complete the playthrough requirements to claim a prize

You can check on your progress towards a prize by entering the menu and looking at your win status. It is entirely possible to win something without depositing anything into your account. You’ll begin by playing with the free $50 you get as a new member, but there are other ways you can get more free cash to play with as well. Find out more by checking the latest opportunities on the site itself.

The account details show you how close you are to attaining a payout. Once you have met those requirements – easy to see on the win status page – you can look forward to receiving some cash for your efforts. What better reason could there be to join Jesters Win Casino today?