Crypto Slots Casino

Crypto Slots is a well-known online casino that we’ve been itching to try out. It has positive reviews, and comes packed with the features that we value, which is why we decided to test out the site and to put together a full review on it. Below is our overview of the casino and why we recommend it to some players and not to others. After some quick reading you should be able to determine if it’s a good site for you or not.

Limited Games

With several dozen games to choose from, you should be able to find at least a few different games that appeal to you while playing at Crypto Slots. Because the casino runs entirely on crypto currency, it doesn’t offer the same wealth of options that some other online casinos offer. There are slots, video poker games, high limit wagering options and some seriously good jackpot games to choose from. Between all these different gaming options you’ll quickly see that there are good quality games that are worth playing at Crypto Slots.

Instant Play Games

Even though Crypto Slots doesn’t offer hundreds of different games to choose from, every single game that is available is instant play so that you can get started immediately. From the moment that you begin playing at the site you just need to click on a game to begin playing it. It’s fast and easy and something that’s simple enough for just about anyone.


One of the very first things that we noticed about Crypto Slots is the different promotions that are offered at the casino. The site gives out a very generous $3,000 in welcome bonus money as long as you are willing to deposit enough money to unlock this bonus amount. The match bonus percentages aren’t as generous as some other casinos though, and players can only get a 111% match on their first deposit, a 77% match on the second and a 99% match on the third. This means that quite a bit of money needs to be deposited to take full advantage of those welcome bonus payouts, making it more difficult to get the full bonus compared to some other online casinos. Players are also able to grab a cash back bonus on lost money worth 3% of the total amount lost. This will help long-time gamblers unlock additional money and to keep playing for longer.

Getting Help

When gambling online it’s important to be able to ask for help if you run into an issue. At Crypto Slots there are a few different help methods available for you to use. If you need help immediately and don’t’ want to wait to hear back, the live chat support tool is the easiest way to get help. Simply click on the Live Support button and a chat box will pop up almost immediately. Once the box is up you can type your problem to the support staff member right away and get help in just a few minutes. This method is available at all times and is the fastest way to get help from a support member. If you don’t want to use live chat for help, there is email as well. Simply use the provided email address to ask support for help with your problem and they will get back to you as fast as possible. Crypto Slots also comes outfitted with a FAQ section that you can visit for instant answers to common problems. Look through the sorted section for answers without talking to anyone at all.

Crypto Banking Only

The one major downside that we noticed with Crypto Slots could also be viewed as a positive to some gamblers. That’s the sites reliance on only crypto currencies for banking methods. That means when you sign up with the casino you’ll need to use a crypto currency to complete your deposit and begin playing. Whether you want to use Bitcoin, Litecoin or Bitcoin Cash, you’ll need to be comfortable with one of these tools, or learn to use them in order to start playing at the casino. It’s important to take the time to get familiar with these options, or to move to a different casino if you refuse to use them. Using Cryptocurrency means that players from all over the world can play at the site comfortably, and that the casino offers fast deposits and withdrawals to everyone.

As long as you don’t mind using something like Bitcoin or Litecoin to complete your deposits and you don’t need hundreds of different casino games to keep you entertained, Crypto Slots has a lot going for it. The casino is easy to use, it packs in high quality games and it’s seamless to join up with. It’s a user-friendly site with a real quality feel to it and we thoroughly enjoyed playing with the site.

Slotland software delivers the games at Crypto Slots Casino

You may not be that familiar with Slotland Entertainment Games, but you are about to change that by exploring this casino. They provide the platform and the games, so you are about to find some titles to play that you may never have seen before.

Diving into the lobby

This is where the games are, of course, and there are some appealing opportunities waiting to be discovered. The collection isn’t as wide-ranging as some other casinos can offer, but Crypto Slots Casino does have lots of slots, jackpot games, and even some video poker.

Join the casino in moments

They give you a link to follow to take you through the process of signing up for an account. Everything is straightforward and should not cause you any issues.

Signup restrictions at Crypto Slots Casino

Some casinos are vaguer about this element than others. We know the minimum age here is 18, but you should always adhere to the minimum age limit wherever you live. For example, if your laws say you need to be 21 to gamble, you need to stick to those.

We know those living in the US cannot use this casino. We would recommend you review your local and regional laws to see if online gambling is permitted before attempting to open an account.

Start with some practice games

You don’t know which games are going to be your top choices until you play them. Don’t risk your budget – make sure you try some demo games and then see which ones to allocate some of your budget to playing for real.

You don’t need to use the high limit real games

It’s nice to see a section devoted only to these, but most games at Crypto Slots Casino are available with much lower wagers. You can decide which ones are most suited to you and your budget by looking through the collection before you play.

There are some new slot games but…

Don’t expect them to be marked out as such. We guess if you visit regularly, you’ll know which ones are new to the collection.

Tournaments don’t appear on the casino website

They don’t appear to be part of the offering here.

Casino winners are announced on the home page

You will see there is a list of recent winning players there, alongside a list of those players who managed to scoop some of the biggest prizes the site has offered.

Rewards are available via invitation only as part of the VIP program

This is not available to all players. You can only get access to this if the site sends you a personal invitation. We suggest playing and enjoying the site and treating this as a potential bonus should it occur.

You won’t need an app if you’re on a mobile device

Crypto Slots hasn’t bothered with any Android or iOS apps. Just head for the casino on your mobile browser. You can use the same login you have for the regular online casino.

You cannot play without registration

Some casinos allow it, but this one does not. You can, however, sign up for a free account and you are not required to make a deposit to get it. That means you can access the practice games and look around before considering whether to go further.

Slotland Affiliates offers a chance of some commission

Slotland has its own affiliate program, so it would be sensible to look this up and to see if it holds any appeal for you. You’ll need a website for it to be viable.

Your favorite sports don’t appear at Crypto Slots

Even though the name of this casino doesn’t speak of all the games available there, it doesn’t go as far as covering sporting events, racing bets, and casino bookie services.

Look for blog posts about the casino elsewhere

The casino itself doesn’t have a blog, and there are no forum-related activities going on either.

If you want some live dealer games…

You’ll need to look for those elsewhere too.