Slots Village Casino

Have you heard the saying, ‘it takes a village?’ It usually refers to raising a child, but we guess we could apply it to the Slots Village Casino too. it takes this casino to give you the rounded experience you’re looking for from a decent online casino.

We’ve already visited the site to see what’s there, and we have returned with a full report for you here. Are you ready to discover more about it?

Do you recognize these software brands?

If we tell you that Slots Village Casino offers games from Microgaming, Pragmatic Play, and Betsoft, among a few others, you’ll see how promising the slot game area is going to be.

You’ll find many familiar titles in the lobby

This is the best place to head for once you’ve set up a free account at the casino. This allows you to explore more fully. You’ll see titles including Asgard and Trolling for Treasure, along with Double Scoop and Hollywood Reels… and we are only giving you a few treats there to start with.

Join the casino via the register invite

You can easily see the member login area on the homepage. Just underneath that, you can register by taking the route shown. You can download their software to get started quickly too.

Signup restrictions do appear though

Yes, as always, some countries are not going to be able to access Slots Village Casino. Among them, you’ll find the United States and the United Kingdom, along with Australia and several other countries around the world.

Lots of exciting games to check out too

You might already have guessed this, given the impressive list of software developers on the site. You can also check out the three-reel and five-reel slots along with lots of table games, so there is quite a mix to play.

Slots with some famous titles?

Well, yes… there is every chance you can find some familiar titles at this casino. We know some of the best slots we love to play come from Betsoft, and since we have games from Microgaming and Pragmatic Play as well, not to mention a few more, we know there is a lot to look forward to.

How many free games can you play?

Once you’re on the inside with an account for Slots Village, you can try any games that offer a free version. You should find – as we did – that you’ve got lots of those to choose from.

How pricey are the paid games going to be?

We can tell you that there is a lot of variation in this category, so you can always find some games to check out that are going to be affordable for you. Just be sure you check all minimum wagers and coin values before you begin.

New slot games from some of the biggest names

We know where the games come from now, which means we can also expect all the new titles from those developers to hit this Village whenever they’re released. You won’t need to wait long to play them.

The promotions begin on the homepage

Slots Village Casino mentions some new player bonuses on the homepage. While it doesn’t go into details on these, it does mention that the newcomers can each receive up to $1,000 in bonus funds. There’s more on the way too, and you can always check their promotions area for further information.

Tournaments didn’t receive a mention

Events like these do not appear across all online casinos. We didn’t see a page of them at this casino, but there is always the chance that an occasional event might crop up, so we advise you to keep an eye out for these.

You can find a list of winners via the link given

The link we are referring to is at the bottom of the site, simply saying ‘winners’. Go through that link and you’ll see which players have managed to grab some prizes on the site recently.

Rewards piling up at this casino

There was no information on any rewards. i.e., comp points, at the casino. However, there may well be points of this nature available once you begin depos

iting and playing with real cash. Elsewhere though, you’ve got a lot to read about on their promotions page.

You can choose to download the casino using the given link

You’ll see the download now link at the bottom of the site, and another invite to download their free software closer to the top of the homepage. You’ll only need to do this once for the computer you want to play on when you visit Slots Village.

It looks like you’ll need to register to play

Even if all you want to do is try a few demo slots or other games, you still need to create a free account at Slots Village Casino. Fortunately, it doesn’t take long to do this.

It looks like they also offer instant play games

This means you can choose the perfect way for you to play, depending on how and where you decide to visit Slots Village.

Affiliate program information for this casino

The program operates under the Revenue Giants umbrella, so you can visit their website to read more information on it. You can do this via the link on the Slots Village website.

Sporting services do not feature there

The casino is just that, and it does not offer any services relating to sporting events, betting on live sports, or anything along similar lines.

No sign of any blog posts or forum features

This is common enough at most casinos, so you may not have expected to see any blog areas anyway – much less those relating to a casino forum.

Live dealer games also up for grabs

If you want the immediacy offered by a live casino, you can check out the Slots Village Casino’s live gaming area too. All the most popular live games are there, including roulette and blackjack, and you can find many more too.

Depositing funds at this casino

There are lots of ways you can do this, including card methods and e-wallets of all kinds. View the list and see which methods are available in your location.

How to make a withdrawal

As you might suppose, the casino offers far fewer ways to do this. You can use several methods that also appear in the deposit list, including a wire transfer or money transfer.

Bitcoin does appear in the banking list

There are no cryptocurrency logos anywhere at the Slots Village website, but the most famous one of all does appear in the deposit list. That’s Bitcoin, of course, although it looks like it might be the only virtual currency you can use.

Seeking help at Slots Village Casino

Underneath the bright section in red, yellow, and blue at the top of the homepage, there is a wodge of text that tells you a lot more about the casino. You can also see their about us page and their help area. The latter appears at the top of the site, so it is among the easiest areas to access.