Jackpot Joy Casino

The cool blue tones at Jackpot Joy Casino certainly are welcoming, but there is plenty to keep you there beyond that first glance at the website. We decided to explore it all to bring you news of the casino, the bingo (yes, you get the chance to play that too), and everything else there.

If you're ready to play, you can stop here for a bit first to get a feel for what awaits you at Jackpot Joy.

Software sources in action at this casino

We spotted games from Blueprint Gaming, NetEnt, Gamesys, and more. There is a reasonable spread of the familiar and the unusual at this casino, which we found appealing.

They've spread the lobby across the top of the site

You can access all areas from there, including slots, casino, online bingo, Slingo, and more game types.

There are plenty of links inviting you to join the casino

It doesn't matter where you are on the website when you decide it is time to join. Jackpot Joy offers a series of signup invitations throughout, so it shouldn't take more than a second to find one.

The T&Cs reveal some signup restrictions

You must be at least 18 years of age to join, although if you live somewhere that is allowed and that has a higher age enforced, you need to abide by that instead. We found no definitive list of prohibited locations there though, which is a shame.

The 'all games' area is a superb introduction to the site

It gives you a better idea of how everything works and whether you may want to head for one area first over everything else. Of course, the separate sections are good to visit when you narrow things down too.

Expect some famous slots to crop up

You won't see all the titles until you log into your account, but there are some introductory titles on the landing page. Some of the slot titles include 10,001 Nights, Age of Akkadia, and 100x Ra.

Don't miss their daily free games

You do need to deposit at least £10 to play these, but there are real prizes involved and they're worth checking out each day if you do make a deposit. Watch for Doubly Bubbly - a superb title! - and Daily Paper among the possibilities.

Paid games should suit all manner of budgets

With games to play from just a penny per go, you can always find something to fit your affordability level at Jackpot Joy Casino. Most game areas do have options starting from low bets like these.

You can read about some of their new slot games

You can do this before logging in or joining if you wish. Just select a title to read more about it on the next page.

No prizes for spotting your welcome promotion

This appears on the homepage, and it takes only a second to spot it. It comes with free bingo or 30 free spins, so you can choose which one you want to go with. We'd pick the free spins, but this is one of a few sites that gives you a choice. Expect more superb promotions in the relevant section of Jackpot Joy Casino too.

Poker tournaments get a mention on the homepage

There's a chance you might spot other tournaments around too, but we'd suggest checking on those throughout your time at the casino.

We didn't find any news of casino winners

This isn't unusual, but the site certainly offers lots of ways that you could score some prizes. They even have free games to play for real prizes, although they ask for a minimum £10 deposit to qualify to play them.

Do they offer any rewards?

The promotions page was hard to find as it was linked to further down the page rather than in the menu. However, it didn't display any details about a rewards program anywhere. However, when scanning the T&Cs, they did mention Joy Points, which sound like a comp point alternative to us.

Download an app for the live casino

This is available on Android and iOS, as you'll see the invitation to download the relevant app from Google Play or the App Store when you visit the live casino. However, we didn't see any other apps or downloads anywhere.

Register for an account and then you can play

This is quite usual among many online casinos, so you can make sure you're in the position to look around fully and to play anything that looks good. Opening an account shouldn't take long, and you can decide whether you want to deposit straightaway or later.

Instant play gaming at Jackpot Joy

This makes many people happy as downloads can be inconvenient and limiting. Fortunately, you can play via your browser at this casino.

We didn't see any affiliate information

The site forms part of the Gamesys Group though, and we know they have an affiliate program, so perhaps you can look it up independently and go from there.

Any chance of sporting betting at Jackpot Joy?

No, they don't offer anything along those lines.

You won't find any blog or forum features anywhere either

Their lower menu is far more sparse than many other sites, and there is no sign of a blog or a forum anywhere.

Don't miss the live casino

Available via the menu, you can see this is called Signature Live Casino, yet it does form part of the overall website at Jackpot Joy. Watch for some unique bonus opportunities there, along with all the live table games you could expect and hope to see.

Deposit methods you can use

Jackpot Joy accepts debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay (if you have a supported device), and MasterCard debit. No credit cards are available to use.

Read more about withdrawal issues, timescales, and more

The help section has plenty of information about withdrawing funds from the casino. We recommend you read all those sections before doing anything else.

Bitcoin isn't available

It's hit or miss to see it at any casino, so not a surprise to find it lacking at Jackpot Joy.

Head for the help section

This gives you a series of main areas you can read about, with examples including security, verification, promotions, technical, and more. The general area has information about player support, and this confirms you have 24/7 assistance available. You can use live chat or send an email, although the live chat option is likely to be quicker.