Enter Casino

Yes, we know… that title does look like a typo, doesn’t it? It looks as if we have let our cat stride across the keyboard as we’ve begun to write this review! But there is a casino called Enter Casino, and while they clearly want you to enter and play, we wanted to know whether it was worth doing so. We’ve got all the answers for you right here.

The main software brand is…

Playtech, and if you know anything about that brand, you’ll know it is home to many assorted games from the Age of the Gods series. Expect to meet many other characters as well, including those from the Batman series.

You’ll only see the lobby when you’ve become a member

Make sure you get lots of information and some insight into Enter Casino before you join. You can see all the games in their preview, but the lobby only becomes clear for members to see.

Join the casino once you’ve had a look around

There is a lot to read and explore before you create an account at Enter Casino. It makes sense to check out the game preview, for example, and you’ll find this in the menu.

Signup restrictions

The United States and Australia both appear on a long list of prohibited countries – too long for us to replicate here. We recommend you go to the official Enter Casino website, check through their T&Cs, as you should anyway, and see if you can legally use the website.

Games cover lots of types

Video poker and table games line up alongside the slots at this casino, so you’re going to get access to a fine collection of titles to try.

Are the slot games the best ones to play?

We think so, but then we have always loved playing slots from Playtech. Since their

collection is available at the casino, it gives us a reason to sign up and play for sure. Will you feel the same?

Free games from Playtech

Most of the slots and casino games we have tried that have come from the Playtech stable have involved demo versions. These give you the chance to learn how each game works before playing with real coins.

Paying to play at Enter Casino

Make sure you always check your bet amount for each game before committing to it. All bets are final, as you’d expect them to be, and that means you must explore the possibilities and coins before you play.

New slot games from Playtech

They’ll give you the chance to try all the best casino games, including all their newest slot releases. We’re hoping to see something new in the expanding Age of the Gods series…

Look for a welcome bonus worth $555

That’s a cool amount and you can claim it as your welcome bonus if you make a qualifying deposit. Consider the minimum and maximum deposit amounts to qualify, as you may only want a slice of that bonus cash. Read the terms for this and all other promos that appear on the relevant page of the website.

Tournaments don’t seem to feature anywhere

Most casinos that run tournaments make a big deal of it, but we found no suggestion of anything like this at Enter Casino.

Casino winners appear on the Lucky List

That is a cool name for a list of winners, and we hope you get the chance to appear on it. You can access the list from the homepage – look for the trophy with lots of casino chips inside it!

Rewards are waiting inside the VIP Club

We have few details available for this, so we suggest that you find some more updated information by selecting the VIP Club link in the menu. It’s reassuring to see the club exists though, as it adds another layer of action to the site.

Is there a download to access?

You can download the full casino software from the menu – look for ‘download’ between the about us and promotions areas. If you are playing on a mobile device, you should be able to use the instant play casino rather than downloading an app for Android or iOS.

Play without registration? Not at Enter Casino

You do need to enter as a member before you can go beyond the casino preview, so you can sign up for free and look around inside before committing to a deposit.

Instant play is another option to think about

Players have their own preferred ways to play online casino games. Fortunately, you can choose the instant play casino at Enter Casino if you wish – the link is on the landing page.

Follow the link to find affiliate information

This appears to the right side of the bottom menu, and it looks like you can expect to sign up to the AffClub program, given the logo just above it.

No sportsbook features at Enter Casino

Some casinos do delve into such areas, but this casino isn’t one of them.

Blog/forum features are absent

No need to find either of these features at Enter Casino, as they haven’t provided you with either of them.

Live dealer games don’t feature

We’ll update this part if things change in this area.

Over a dozen ways for you to deposit funds

Expect all the usual suspects here, from cards to online wallets and through to various banking services. Some may only be available to those in certain countries, so make sure you’re logged in before checking on this and choosing which method works for you.

Follow their on-site instructions when making a withdrawal

Choose your preferred method and make sure you check the minimum withdrawal amount and information for that method.

We found no sign of Bitcoin anywhere

No other virtual currencies made it onto the list there either.

Live chat joins lots of email addresses

You can use live chat to find some fast answers for any questions that arise when you’re using the Enter Casino website. Alternatively, they offer several email addresses for various departments, including technical support and a general support email address.