Crazy Scratch

This is a casino with a sense of humor! Look at the guy running off with a happy smile on his face and what looks like a bag of cash… he might have played at Crazy Scratch Casino too. However, we know that a casino logo does not make the site itself, so it is time for us to work out what we think of this casino, so we can see if it can be recommended by us to you.

One famous brand of software… and one you may not have heard of

We are sure you have heard of NetEnt, a software brand that has released many famous slots. The most famous title of all, arguably, is Starburst… and this has landed at Crazy Scratch already. The other developer involved is Neo Games.

Check out the four lobby areas

You can see these from the second you arrive at the casino. There is a casino games area, and another one based around the slots. You’ve also got one for scratch cards, obviously, while the last one is called instant win.

It doesn’t take long to join the casino

Around two minutes, according to the message at the top of the site.

Signup restrictions for this website

We know that players in the US cannot access the casino, so that’s disappointing. There are a few other banned countries, including Switzerland and Italy, but the US is the main one to mention here. Read their terms of use to find out whether you might be able to use the site. You should also be of legal age in your location if you can play.

See the first few games in each category on the landing page

You can see some of the more popular scratch cards there to start with, including Go 777, 7th Heaven, and Power Cash. Try accessing some of the other areas to learn more about what’s in store in those too.

NetEnt slots are a real treat to play

While the Crazy Scratch website obviously bases itself around scratch cards, you can expect to access some of the best online slots there too. With NetEnt supplying many of those titles, you’ve got an excellent opportunity to see how everything ticks.

Free games sit alongside the paid ones

The website confirms this, offering plenty of games to play just for entertainment and no other reason. We love playing like this and we find we can learn a lot about the games we love most, too.

Paying to play the games at Crazy Scratch

You should find plenty that cost only pennies to play, and therefore act as the ideal introduction to paid gaming. Make sure you set a limit you can afford to lose first though.

Are there any new slot games to find?

This is a possibility at any moment, yes. The website has four main areas and one of those devotes itself to slots, so you may well find some games in there you’ll want to play for the first time.

Don’t miss your opening bonus or other promotions

You can net up to £200 as a new member of the casino, with other promotions landing in the relevant area of the menu as well. We suggest exploring the promo page whenever you’re thinking about depositing anything at the casino.

We failed to spot any Crazy Scratch tournaments

There were no areas or obvious promotions involving tournaments, so we guess they’re not a thing at this site.

Discover a few of the latest winners

You can see these to the right of the page, appearing inside a box with an orangey-yellow banner across the top. You’ll see names and amounts there, along with times and dates for each winner.

Find the rewards program information in the menu

The casino does have a rewards program, so you can read more about it by visiting the official rewards area. It adds another layer to the already impressive array of services and features on offer at the site.

No apps but you can still visit on mobile devices

From tablets to smartphones across the Android and iOS platforms, you can always visit Crazy Scratch from any location when you’re ready.

Registration is needed before you can play their games

It takes just two minutes to sign up though, according to the message on the homepage, so you’re not far away from finding some games to play.

No downloads… just instant play

And isn’t that the simplest way to play at this and many other sites?

Could you make some crazy affiliate income too?

Most players won’t dip into this feature of the Crazy Scratch Casino. However, there are reasons why you might want to do this. And if you are interested, the Crazy Rewards program gets a link on the main casino website.

No sign of a sportsbook

This may not surprise you, as they’re all about scratch cards, slots, and other casino games instead.

Should you expect a blog or forum anywhere?

Not at this casino, no.

Live dealer games haven’t made the cut yet

We’ll let you know if Crazy Scratch decides to add some in future, but for now, you can expect to see other casino games… just not any involving real dealers.

Explore the deposit methods at the bottom of the casino

You’ll see plenty of famous logos there, including some involving card methods (credit and debit), and others such as uKash and GiroPay.

Find more information about making a withdrawal

See if your favorite method is okay to use for withdrawals along with deposits, as it does make life simpler if you can use one method for both actions.

Bitcoin didn’t turn up anywhere

It’s usually easy to spot the logo along with other information about the virtual currency. In this case, though, there’s nothing to find.

Make sure you use the live chat if you need to

The site is nicely designed, and it should be simple enough to look around and find out what’s what. However, they do offer a live chat facility for those times when you cannot find an answer to your query.