BetChain Casino

And more to the point, should you? We are going to explore the potential this casino can offer. We’ve been in and around the site to see what’s there, so we can report back with all the details you’ll need for BetChain Casino. If you are searching for a new site to play at, could this be the one?

Software in action at BetChain

We love seeing multiple brands in store for players at any casino, and we can confirm we do have several brands to look at here. They include Microgaming, NetEnt, Pragmatic Play, and Spinomenal among others.

No problems finding the lobby

Some casinos make it harder to find your way to the lobby than others. Fortunately, BetChain Casino makes easy work of this. When you arrive, you’ll see various categories spread across the screen. These appear underneath the welcome offer. You can visit all the games in one area or narrow the selection by choosing whichever type of casino game you most want to play.

Join the casino once you’ve had a look around

There’s plenty to learn about the casino, so you can look through the various pages and then return to the top of the homepage to sign up via the form there.

BetChain signup restrictions

We found the casino did not allow us to visit using a VPN from several locations. This means they’ve got geo technology in place to prevent those from banned locations seeing the site, much less joining it. So, there’s the rub – if you can visit, you can join, and if not, well… that tells you all you need to know! You should still confirm the laws for online gambling in your own country, of course, just to be safe.

See all the games in one place

If you’re new to BetChain Casino and this is your first visit, you ought to check out the site and see if you like the look of it first. Since the default option when you visit is for all the games to appear on the homepage, it makes sense to check through them all. We don’t think you’ll be disappointed…

Slots may appear in more than one category

The main one is the slots, of course, but over to the right of the category menu, you’ll see the most popular games and the jackpot games. We know there are slots that fall into one or both of those, so make sure you look there as well, just to see what you make of them.

Any free games to try?

Yes, most of the titles at the casino do come with practice versions. You’ll need to check availability for each title as you go through the site though. There are many games here from lots of sources, so it could be that you won’t always find demos for all of them.

You can play all the games as paid games

Yes, of course this is the case, since casinos are there to make money, right? The most important thing to be aware of, though, is to check the coin values available in each title. You’ll find lots of penny games there, but BetChain also has games with far bigger available coins and wagers if you want those.

How often can you find some new slot games to play?

More often than you would at certain other casinos, that’s for sure. The reason for this is that the BetChain Casino has games from multiple sources. We know many of those do offer regular releases, so you should find something new cropping up quite often.

Promotions accessible from the main menu

This is the menu at the top of the site rather than the game menu, but it is easy to reach it. Look at the BetChain logo and you’ll see promotions is the second category to the right of that.

We saw mention of one tournament on the site

This may change, and if it does, we’ll update you here. But just one tourney appeared at BetChain, known as the Slots Blitz Tournament. It does mean there might be other events coming soon as well.

Casino winners don’t turn up on the homepage

You can, however, see the current jackpot total there. This covers several jackpot games, and it regularly climbs into the millions overall.

Rewards sourced via the VIP Club

You can learn more about this by visiting the link supplied. Remember where the promotions link is? Look to the right of that and you’re in the right place. We also noticed mention of a VIP Free Spins Friday… worth checking if you do become a VIP member.

A mobile-friendly website is on offer

More players are going to their tablets and smartphones to visit BetChain and other casinos. It’s nice to see we can visit this one without any hassle, and there are no apps to download to reach it either.

Can you play without registration?

We think you’ll need to create an account to begin playing, but since you don’t need to deposit anything at this stage, it’s simple enough to do this.

You’ll need to choose instant play

The casino doesn’t list a download anywhere, so this confirms you must play in your browser. Everything loads quickly enough though, making it much easier for you to explore the games and enjoy making progress.

Affiliate program gets an obvious name

How about BetChain Affiliates? Some casinos do manage their own programs, and it looks like that’s the case with BetChain.

No sporting features have been added to the site

Not much else to mention there.

Don’t miss the BetChain blog

Yep, they do have one, so you can sit back and read some content in between playing the games. It’s rare to find a blog at any casino, so it’s cool to see one at BetChain, even if you decide only to read it occasionally.

Live dealer games get their own section

You’ll see this available under the casino games heading, so you can easily reach it to find out which tables have seats available.

Deposit services available

BetChain welcomes deposits via Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and several other options as well. You can use MasterCard and Maestro too, for example.

Make a crypto withdrawal too if you manage some prizes

You’ll need a few wins first, of course, but you can request a withdrawal to your chosen crypto wallet when you’re ready to do so.

Bitcoin is one of many virtual currencies you can use

The full list appears on the homepage, but we’ve covered several major examples above already.

Help at BetChain Casino

The casino offers plenty of help at the bottom of the site. Look for the FAQ there, among other things, and find more information on buying Bitcoin and reaching their support area too.