Blonde Legend Slots

These days, you can find a slot that features a theme for almost anything. This online slot machine features the blonde legend, Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn is the theme for this wonderfully fun online slot machine. If you are a Marilyn Monroe fan, you will not want to miss this. From her face being featured on the reels, to her heels, and diamonds, anything that has to do with Marilyn Monroe can be found here at this Blonde Legend Slots. Check it out now and begin playing Blonde Legend Slots right away. You will have fun and pay your respects to this beautiful, blonde legend in the process.

Fans of Marilyn Will Be in Heaven

This is a five reel and 25 line payout bonus video slot game that features 36 winning combinations. This means that you have tons of opportunities to be a big winner. The jackpot equals out to 1500 coins and the maximum bet is two hundred and fifty dollars. This allows you to not spend too much but makes lots of money in the process. You can find Blonde Legend Slots by doing an online search for the game and then choosing which casino you would like to play it with. Some of your great choices are Little Woods Casino, 888 Casno, and Superior Casino. Whichever you choose will have the Blonde Legend Slot game and you will be on your way to seeing the blonde star right on your computer screen and winning money.

United States Players are Welcome to Play

Marilyn Monroe is a superstar from the United States so of course players from the United States should be able to play. This is not the case with all online casinos but you do not have to worry about this when getting ready to play the Blonde Legend Slots. Marilyn is a staple in United States society and she certain would not allow then to say that US citizens can't play.

Blonde Legend Beauty Bonuses

Depending on which casino you use, you can find bonuses that are available to you while you play the online slot machines. It just depends on which one you choose to play. For example, you can play the Collector's Edition bonus game but certain specifications are given in order to do so.

This is a great game for those who are Marilyn Monroe lovers. Check it out.