Best Bitcoin Casino Bonuses

Are you aware there are dozens of Bitcoin casino bonuses ready and waiting to be claimed by you? More casinos are providing us with a great choice of bonuses whenever we want to deposit with Bitcoin. This cryptocurrency has proven itself to be a good choice for depositing at casinos confidentially and securely. And with so many bonuses to be claimed, you will soon see why Bitcoin banking makes perfect sense when you spot a new casino you'd like to join.

Which kinds of Bitcoin casino bonuses should you look for?

There are plenty of bonuses around, but they do not all fall into the same category. Instead, you will see some you can claim when you first join a casino and some you'll be able to claim later. Here's our rundown of the ones you are most likely to see.

Bitcoin welcome or signup bonus

Don't assume you can't claim a welcome bonus when you choose to make your first deposit with Bitcoin. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, some casinos have dedicated offers designed to give you the chance to claim some mBTC to bump up the amount you're depositing in your account.

You can get a 100% match bonus quite often, with some casinos offering more than 100% of your deposit, with a maximum of around 1 BTC in place in many cases. In other casinos, you might get the chance to score a no deposit bonus. Keep an eye on our listings to find out more.

Bitcoin Loyalty bonuses

If you join a Bitcoin casino and decide to stick around, you can be sure there will be some nice bonuses in store for you later. Loyalty bonuses are just what they sound like - bonuses awarded to those players who have remained active with that casino. They vary in size and type, but they are all worth claiming if you can.

Bitcoin reload bonuses

A reload bonus is one that is awarded to you when you make another deposit at your selected Bitcoin online casino. These reloads mean you won't miss out on the new deals offered to new players. You may not be able to claim those, but you can claim reload bonuses in Bitcoins.

Bitcoin high roller bonuses

How much do you play with at online Bitcoin casinos? If you tend to deposit frequently and you deposit large amounts, look out for the high roller bonuses. These are aimed at players who play often and play big when they do. They tend to be generous and can give you extra mBTC on top of your regular deposits.

First-deposit bonuses offered for Bitcoin deposits at fiat casinos

First, what is a fiat casino? This is a casino that accepts regular currencies like the US dollar, the euro, and the British pound. These currencies are fiat currencies because there are recognized as legal currencies, but they are not supported by a physical item. That means a $100 bill is worth that much because people accept that it is. The actual bill itself is not worth $100 because it is not made of anything with that value.

There are dedicated Bitcoin casinos as well that are also known as crypto casinos. In the middle, you've got fiat casinos that also accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and others. The idea here is to look for welcome bonuses on your first deposit if you can make a Bitcoin deposit at a regular and established fiat casino.