Beach Babes Slots

Who doesn't love a day at the beach with everything it has to offer? Well now you've got the option to enjoy sun, sea, sand and all the trimmings with the Beach Babes slot game. With a bright fresh feel to it, this game is a welcome change to the usual slots games, with plenty to offer everyone who tries it.

Check out some of the features the game has to offer here and now.

How many reels and paylines are there?

The Beach Babes slots game has five reels and twenty five paylines to wager money on, so you've got lots of potential to win more than one prize per spin with this game.

What are the minimum and maximum bets?

The smallest wager per line is just one cent, while the largest coin value per line is 25 cents. However you can bet a maximum of ten coins per line, so there is plenty of opportunity to crank up the betting amount if you want to wager more for every spin you try.

What kinds of special symbols does the game have?

You won't find a multiplier symbol in the game, but there is a scatter symbol in the shape of a drinks cooler. Another symbol you'll want to watch out for is the main Beach Babe, because this is the wild symbol.

Is there a bonus round factored into the game?

Unfortunately no, but this doesn't mean there isn't the opportunity to shoot for some free spins. To unlock these you have to get a minimum of three scatter symbols. The more scatter symbols you get, the more free spins you can enjoy, up to a maximum of thirty in all.

This is where the really big winnings can be had, because your winnings are multiplied and it becomes easier to rake in more prizes.

Download and play Beach Babes Slots today for some real fun!

There is no doubt the color, theme and appearance of the Beach Babes slots brings a whole host of fun to the situation. If you've never played online slots before this would definitely be a good game to begin with. Even though there is no bonus feature there are enough perks to the game to make it well worth a go.

So if you haven't yet seen the Beach Babes go and find them now!