7 Oceans Slots

Have you ever wanted to sail the seven seas, but felt too sea sick to do so? Want a sense of adventure on the big blue? Well then, this is the casino slot for you. 7 Oceans Slots machine is a true classic 3-reel, non-progressive slot that has 1-playline. The being range is the minimum $0.25 and goes all the way to its maximum of $15. The maximum jackpot that players can win in this game is $60,000. But that is not all. 7 Oceans Slots is a video slot with dynamic reels that will change depending the player’s coin level. They alternate between 3-reel slots and 5-reel slots. This game is fairy new and it is also reported to be one of the easiest slots around.

7 Ocean Slots Graphics

The theme of this slot is underwater. The layout is clearly laid out and well defined. Everything that a player would need (payable, logo, buttons, reels, information displays) is all on the one screen. The slot itself has an ocean skin with sea creatures all around it. They include clownfish, starfish, and bright treasure chest that add color to the ocean. Because this is a one line layout, the player will only ever see one complete icon present on each of the reels at any one time. There is not WILD card in 7 Oceans Slots nor is there are MULTIPLIER or SCATTER symbols as well. The symbols that are used are fairly simple. There are the 7 Oceans logo, a plain blue-colored number seven, a single bar sign, a double bar sign, and a triple bar sign. They are simple, yet it does not take away from the game at all.

Feel Calm with 7 Oceans Slots

This game also has two modes, regular and expert mode. In the Expert mode, players may wish to choose the automatic spin function. This will play for the player automatically, up until the maximum bet. The player can choose to stop this function at any time. This slot may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is worth a shot to try out. They offer a much calmer game play feel than when playing the other slots, without the distraction of different symbols and surprise bonus features. These cumbersome features do not take away from the game play. The colors of this game are simple, and the game play is right to the point. In short, with simple yet entertaining graphics, and an easy payline, this game is for the people who want to stick true to the classic casino slots.